Hostel in Almaty

Network of comfortable hostels in Kazakhstan

order now and get a discount of 500 tg

Guest Registration 24/7

Group registration

In heart of city

24 hour security


Daily cleaning in every room.

Bed in a common room

Price 1500-2500 tg / day

Comfortable accommodation in dormitory rooms (from 6 to 12 people) with all amenities.

Group registration

Price individually

Discounts for arrivals from 3 people:
For 5-7 days - 5%
For 7-10 days - 10%
For 10-15 days - 15%
For 20 days -20%

Bed in the VIP room

Price individually

Contact us to get more about the possibility of placing in a VIP room 

Special offer!

Up to 50% discount for group rides from 3 people

Near us:

Palace of Sports

KazNu University


Botanical Garden

SEC Esentai


Central Stadium

Theater named after Auezov

Wi-Fi throughout

Wash / Iron

Luggage storage

Transfer Services: Taxi / Bus


Address: Koktem 2nd microdistrict, 1 - 1 floor

Telephone: +7 701 161 9574, +7 707 702 0552 

Email address: